Why is Wakefit so cheap?

Why is Wakefit so cheap?

The company was launched with a vision and that was to help Indians sleep better and the Wakefit orthopedic mattress is a big step towards it. Additionally, our philosophy is that good sleep is not just for rich people but for everyone and hence our mattress cost is affordable.

How long should a mattresses last?

between 7 and 10 years
Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many variables that can influence mattress lifespan. The original build quality of the mattress, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping styles of the sleepers can all influence a bed’s longevity.

Which is best mattress in India?

List of Top 10 Mattress Brands in India for 2022

  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Hard and Soft Mattress.
  • Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress.
  • Coir fit Health Spa Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress.
  • Foams India Natural Latex Portable Mattress.
  • Sleepwell Nexa Responsive Memory Foam Mattress.

Is Wakefit a good brand Quora?

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It is very good product. We purchased as my mother in law was suffering from back pain. Wakefit has a pathetic customer service. We had ordered the mattress an delivery date was August 12.

Is Wakefit sleep internship legit?

Yes, it is authentic and legit.

Why is Sleepwell so expensive?

High-Quality Materials Usage I found out that Sleepwell mattresses use high-quality latex material, making them expensive. Hence, you do expect to pay more for such mattresses, which certify their organic material in them.

Which mattresses last the longest?

Latex. Latex models are considered to be the longest-lasting mattresses. On average, such beds can last for around 15 years without losing their properties (2), which explains their higher price point. However, it’s important to pay attention to the latex type.

Can a mattress last 20 years?

It’s possible – but not likely – that a mattress can last 20 years. The longevity of your mattress depends on several factors, including how much wear and tear it undergoes and the quality of its parts. Some mattresses, like memory foams and latex, can last up to 15 years, much longer than the average innerspring.

Which mattress is better for back pain?

What type of mattress is good for back pain patients? Back pain patients should purchase memory foam or a certified natural latex orthopaedic mattress as these mattresses are ergonomically designed to reduce back pain by improving posture, increasing blood circulation, and distributing the bodyweight evenly.

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Which foam is best for bed?

We strongly believe that latex foam is, by far, the best type of foam to use in mattresses. Latex foam offers several significant advantages over Polyurethane foam and Memory foam. Because of this our products never contain any foam other than 100\% natural latex foam.

Which is better sleepyhead or Wakefit?

When you compare Wakefit with Sleepyhead, the winner is Sleepyhead mattresses because they are more comfortable during summers. Its gel foam technology also ensures that a person’s weight gets evenly distributed over the bed. As a result, when you wake up, you don’t feel any kind of backache or pain.

Does Wakefit really pay?

Earn Upto ₹10 Lakhs for 9 hours of sleep for 100 days A tracking mechanism to track your sleep. A stipend of ₹1 lakh for each sleep intern. A prize of upto ₹10 lakhs for the best performing intern or the Sleep Champion.

Why try a Sunday mattress for 100 nights?

Try a Sunday mattress for 100 nights, risk-free, or your money back. Our customers say, it’s like sleeping on a soft-but-firm cloud. Not bad for a 5 star hotel quality mattress at a shockingly fair price. The perfect balance of softness and support. You’ve possibly slept in more expensive mattresses, but never more comfortable than this.

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How many types of mattresses does Sunday mattress offer?

Currently, Sunday Mattress offers only 3 types of mattresses and we review each one of them to help you choose the one as per your comfort and health requirements. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel quality mattress at an affordable price, then the Sunday Latex Plus 4 mattress is the perfect purchase for you.

Who is the founder of Sunday mattress?

The founder and CEO of Sunday Mattress are Alphonse Reddy who is the brain behind the name of the brand as well. The Story behind how it all started may sound very common to you. But the satisfaction that this brand has been able to provide to its customers is impeccable.

Is Sunday ortho LaTeX LaTeX 4 mattress good for back pain?

The Sunday Ortho latex 4 Mattress is a completely therapeutic mattress for lower back pain and neck pain patients. The mattress ensures that you sleep more and worry less about your pain that may keep you sleep deprived for nights. It makes you feel happy and energized each time you wake up.