Why did Michael Owen not go back to Liverpool?

Why did Michael Owen not go back to Liverpool?

10. “If you’re going to say no to Manchester United, you might as well just retire,” Owen told Off The Ball back in 2018. “I did all I could and I can’t do any more. Circumstances just meant that I couldn’t ever go back [to Liverpool].”

When did Michael Owen leave Liverpool?

Michael Owen

Personal information
1996–2004 Liverpool (118)
2004–2005 Real Madrid (13)
2005–2009 Newcastle United (26)
2009–2012 Manchester United (5)

Why did Michael Owen go to United?

Owen had a chance to return to Liverpool in 2009, when his contract expired at Newcastle and the club were relegated. Hull City, Everton and United were interested, but the striker had his heart set on Liverpool. However, the club’s manager ended any hope of a deal being done and Owen joined United instead.

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Why did Steve McManaman leave Liverpool?

In 2021, McManaman finally shed new light on his decision to leave Liverpool back in 1999, stating that a combination of factors at the time – including being underappreciated at Liverpool (having not been offered the right contractual deal); and that the club were poor in communicating and handling his matters (and …

What age did Owen leave Liverpool?

A supreme finisher and natural striker, Michael Owen exploded onto the first-team scene as a 17-year-old and left Liverpool with a ratio of a goal every two games and an FA Cup final named after him.

Did Michael Owen ever won the Premier League?

Again facing a number of injury worries, and frequently a substitute, Owen nevertheless won the only Premier League title of his career with United in 2011. Released by the club in 2012, Owen made a handful of appearances for Stoke City the following season, before announcing his retirement in 2013.

Where is Michael Owen’s house?

Former Liverpool striker Owen, named the world’s best player in 2001, allowed TV presenter Keith Lemon into his luxurious home for ITV’s Through the Keyhole. The Grade II listed manor is set among 42 acres of countryside in the small Welsh village of Northop, near Mold.

Did Michael Owen deserve the Ballon d Or?

The 2001 Ballon d’Or, given to the best football player in Europe as judged by a panel of sports journalists from UEFA member countries, was awarded to Michael Owen on 18 December 2001….Rankings.

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Rank 1
Name Michael Owen
Club(s) Liverpool
Nationality England
Points 176

What does Michael Owen do now?

MICHAEL OWEN is an England legend and one-time child footballing prodigy. Now he is a BT Sport pundit and a racing horse owner after hanging up his football boots.

What do Real Madrid fans think of Steve McManaman?

The Versatile Englishman. In only four seasons, McManaman won the hearts of Madrid’s followers. The mixture of his gentlemanly nature both on and off the pitch, combined with teamwork and quality made sure that this Englishman was one of the most loved players by the fans.

What happened to Michael Owen?

Having torn his hamstring aged 19, leading to five months out, Owen broke a metatarsal in 2005, tore an anterior cruciate ligament and had persistent problems with his thigh and groin. He moved to Manchester United in 2009 where he won a Premier League title but scored just five goals in three years.

Which England footballer lives in a stately home?

Gareth Southgate lives in this £3.75m mansion that comes complete with six bedrooms, a cinema and its own resident ghost.

What has Michael Owen been up to Since retiring from football?

Since retiring from football in 2013, he has become a racehorse breeder and owner and regularly features as a sports pundit and commentator. The son of former footballer Terry Owen, Owen was born in Chester and began his senior career at Liverpool in 1996.

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What trophies did Michael Owen win at Liverpool?

Owen helped Liverpool to a Treble in 2000–01. The team won the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup to end a six-year trophy drought. Owen was the recipient of the European Player of the Year award in recognition of his performances that season.

When did Michael Owen sign for Newcastle United?

On 31 August 2005, Owen signed a four-year contract to play for Newcastle, despite initial press speculation that he would rather have returned to Liverpool. Some 20,000 fans were present at Newcastle’s home ground of St James’ Park for Owen’s official unveiling as a Newcastle player.

When did Michael Owen first play for England?

Internationally, Owen first played for the senior England team in 1998, becoming England’s youngest player and youngest goalscorer at the time. His performance at the 1998 FIFA World Cup brought him to national and international prominence and he went on to score in UEFA Euro 2000, the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004.