Who is the topper of IIT Kharagpur?

Who is the topper of IIT Kharagpur?

The toppers list was released by IIT Kharagpur for each category, overall top 10 candidates….JEE Advanced 2021 Toppers List – Top five candidates in every zone.

Zone Candidate Name CRL

What rank should I get for IIT Kharagpur?

To get admission to IIT Kharagpur, you need to first clear JEE Main first with ranks upto 2,24,000. Then you will have to appear in JEE Advanced and after qualifying in this exam, you will get a seat in IIT Kharagpur.

What is the highest package of IIT Kharagpur?

Search for:

  • Jobs.
  • IIT Kharagpur receives over 1,600 placement offers, highest salary package Rs 2.4 crore.
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Can I get single room in IIT Kharagpur?

Ans. Candidates (mostly boys) who have enrolled in the 2nd year of any professional program at IIT Kharagpur are allotted single rooms.

Does Google come in IIT Kharagpur?

Further, more than 22 offers with CTC in the range between INR 0.9 crore per annum and INR 2.4 crore per annum were made during IIT Kharagpur placements 2021-22….IIT Kharagpur Internships 2021-22: Top Companies.

Company Name No. of Offers
Texas Instruments 23
MathWorks 22
Sprinklr 22
Google 14

Who got JEE Advanced 2021 Rank 1?

Mridul Agarwal
Indian Institue of Technology or IIT Bombay is the top choice for the Joint Entrance examination or JEE Advanced 2021 toppers. JEE Advanced 2021 Result was declared on October 15, 2021. This year, Mridul Agarwal from Jaipur topped the exam by securing 99.66\% marks in the exam.

How can I secure my rank under 1000 in JEE Advanced?

Strategy to Crack JEE with an Under 1000 Rank:

  1. Study with concentration.
  2. Many people will tell you that they studied X hours or you should study X hours for getting a good rank.
  3. Take breaks in between.
  4. Analyze your mistakes.
  5. Consistency is very important.
  6. Know which questions to attempt.
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Is IIT Kharagpur metallurgy good?

The Department of Metallurgy has developed excellent expertise in the areas of Extractive and Physical Metallurgy, Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Nano-Science and Technology, Modelling and Simulation, Surface Engineering, Powder Metallurgy and Environmental Degradation of Materials.

Which branch in IIT get highest package?

Tech students was 77.30\%. The highest IIT placements package at IIT Hyderabad was 60.41 LPA, while the average package offered was 22.07 LPA….IIT Placements Branch Wise- Hyderabad.

Branch No. of students placed
Computer Science 66
Electrical 66
Mechanical 37
Chemical 20

Are outsiders allowed in IIT Kharagpur?

No they don’t allow outsiders inside.

Why should I join IIT Kharagpur?

So come and join IIT Kharagpur family – excel academically, engage with fellow students, peers and professors, make yourself eligible so that you can serve your family, institute and country and they can be proud of you. Be helpful to people around you. At the same time, should you have problem, do not hesitate to seek help from those near you.

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What is it like to study at IIT KGP?

IITKGP campus gives you ample opportunities to develop an all-round growth and hence try to make use of these. A lot of mixed memories will be created in the coming years, involving your friends, your teachers, your senior but each one of them will make you feel to come back to this institute again and again.

Who is the most famous IITian in India?

He is currently one of the most well-known and accomplished, and famous IITians! In our list of famous IITians, next is N. R. Narayana Murthy. A legend in his own right. He is the co-founder and former chairman of Infosys, one of India’s largest technology companies.

Why IIT alumni are successful?

For many students, just being admitted to IIT is a dream come true. For some, it is only the beginning of a journey that will lead to unimaginable achievement. Successful IIT alumni have inspired generations of students, from top-tier CEOs to well-known scientists, from youthful entrepreneurs to offbeat performers.