What is the population of Trujillo Peru?

What is the population of Trujillo Peru?

Trujillo, Peru

Elevation 34 m (112 ft)
Population (2017)
• Rank 3rd
• Urban 919,899

Is Cusco safer than Lima?

Safety In Cusco Compared to Lima, Cusco is definitely a much safer city. There are small crimes like muggings and thefts that occur on occasion, however at a much smaller scale than Lima. The main tourist zone of Cusco is particularly safe to explore both day and night with plenty of other tourists doing the same.

Is Callao district safe?

Callao, Peru’s first port Despite all its history and maritime distinction, it has become one of the most dangerous cities in Peru – and quite possible the most dangerous. For foreign tourists planning their itineraries, that wouldn’t pose much of a problem if Callao had nothing worth seeing.

What language do they speak in Trujillo Peru?

Quechua and Aymara are still prevalent and have official usage, with Spanish, in regions where they are heavily spoken. Tropical forest areas were outside Incan influence, and the numerous languages and dialects now spoken in the Amazon region reflect the diverse linguistic heritage of the tropical forest peoples.

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Is Trujillo in Lima?

Trujillo is one of the best-connected cities by air in Peru. LATAM are the main operators between Lima and Trujillo, with 4-5 daily flights, whilst Sky Airline Peru also operate 1-2 flights daily. It is 30 minutes’ drive from here to central Trujillo.

Is Trujillo safe?

Trujillo is one of the oldest Spanish cities in Peru. The Moche civilization lived in the area from about 100 to 700 A.D. and the Chimú culture dates back to around 900 A.D. The historic center of Trujillo is popular and generally safe, especially during the day. But watch out for pickpockets in crowded areas.

How many mountains look over Trujillo?

There are 3 named mountains in Trujillo. Loma Alto Cáceres is the highest point. The most prominent mountain is Loma Calabaza.