What is the difference between chocolate and modeling chocolate?

What is the difference between chocolate and modeling chocolate?

Modeling chocolate, also known as chocolate clay, is a pliable mixture of chocolate and corn syrup. It is very similar to fondant but it tastes like chocolate. When modeling chocolate is made using compound chocolate (made using a vegetable fat like palm kernel oil instead of cocoa butter) it is called Candy Clay.

What is Modelling chocolate made of?

Modeling chocolate is made from melted chocolate and corn syrup to make a flexible, moldable, delicious clay. How to make fool-proof modeling chocolate! Whether it’s candy melts, white chocolate, dark chocolate or you want to use glucose instead of corn syrup.

How do Modelling chocolates work?

Simply pinch off pieces of modeling chocolate, knead until workable, then use to sculpt into shapes, press into silicone molds, or roll out and cover cakes.

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Is modeling chocolate the same as gum paste?

Gum paste is made from egg whites, confectioner’s sugar, and shortening. Gum paste is edible, but many people do not appreciate the taste. Modeling chocolate is made with melted chocolate and corn or simple syrup. The liquid is kneaded until it becomes clay-like and ready to mold.

Can you cover cake with modeling chocolate?

Basically, corn syrup is added to the chocolate. The little bit of water in the corn syrup seizes the chocolate and turns it into a soft clay which can be worked and molded into shapes or draped over cakes. Interestingly, you can use modeling chocolate to replace most fondant work.

Can you eat modeling chocolate?

While it is edible, it isn’t necessarily very tasty. Something a few chefs used this week was Gianduja. It is a chocolate mixture that has about one-third hazelnut paste added to it. It has a nutty rich texture and flavor to it and can be used in a lot of basic as well as advanced applications.

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Why is my modeling chocolate crumbly?

Solution: If your modeling chocolate is crumbly and dry, add a few drops more of the corn syrup. Add a little bit of vegetable shortening in your hands and then begin kneading the modeling chocolate until it feels smooth. Problem: Modeling chocolate is oily or greasy.

Can I put modeling chocolate in the fridge?

Modeling chocolate is perfect for bows but don’t put it in the fridge along with the cake. The refrigerator is a moist environment and that kind of climate is not good for MC – it causes it to droop.

What is the difference between modeling chocolate and fondant?

The main difference I find between them is that fondant is more used to for simple models, figurines etc while modelling chocolate is much better for doing much finer detailed work. It’s a lot like using modelling clay in that it can be blended, molded, shaped and worked with in much more detail and depth than fondant.

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Can I mix fondant and modeling chocolate?

YES! Modeling chocolate is AMAZINGLY friendly with other mediums like fondant, gumpaste and even Tylose powder. I mix it with my fondant if I need to roll it extra thin or need it a little more elastic.

How long does Modelling chocolate last?

Wrap any extra modeling chocolate tightly in plastic wrap, then seal in a zip top bag. Store at room temperature for up to two months.

Do you put Modelling chocolate in the fridge?