What is PEAR command?

What is PEAR command?

The pear command is used to install PEAR extensions. The pecl command is used to install PECL extensions. The peardev command is a wrapper for the pear command which removes the normal configured memory limit.

How do I know if PHP PEAR is installed?

Verifying the include path

  1. First, check where PEAR installs .php files: $ pear config-get php_dir. /usr/share/lib/php/ This directory will contain System. php .
  2. Now that this is done, try including a file. Create a new check_pear.php file with the following contents: require_once ‘System. php’;

What is pear in safety?

The mnemonic PEAR is used to recall the four considerations for assessing and mitigating human factors in aviation maintenance: People who do the job; Environment in which they work; Actions they perform; and. Resources necessary to complete the job.

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Are pears red?

Red Pears: There are three pear varieties that make up this group, including: Starkrimson, Red Bartlett, and Red d’Anjou. At Stemilt, we primarily grow Starkrimson and Red d’Anjou. The main difference between these pears and the leading varieties (Bartlett and d’Anjou) is that they’re red in color!

How do I get PEAR version?

If you simply want to get to know the installed version of a package or see its description, issue an info command: $ pear info PEAR About pear.php.net/PEAR-1.7.1 .. more info follows ..

How do I install PEAR Mail?

First run the XAMPP Control Panel and click on “Shell”:

  1. Type in the following code in the XAMPP Shell window: pear install -a Mail.
  2. Hit Enter to start the installation:
  3. The option -a has automatically installed all other required packages. The installation is done you can close the XAMPP for Windows shell.

What was the old name of PHP?

Personal Home Page
PHP was first created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. It is now developed and improved by a large team of people. Its name at first stood for Personal Home Page, but it was later changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor; using its old acronym in the new name.

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Who is the developer of PEAR model?

Dr Bill Johnson
Come hear from the man who co-developed the “PEAR” model – Dr Bill Johnson. He will explain the principles of HF and how to apply them to enhance aviation safety, using this model. Dr Johnson will review the challenges and solutions related to fatigue in aviation workplace.

What does the P in PEAR stand for?

Acronym. Definition. PEAR. PHP Extension and Application Repository.