What are the elements of instruction set?

What are the elements of instruction set?

The instruction set consists of addressing modes, instructions, native data types, registers, memory architecture, interrupt, and exception handling, and external I/O.

What are the types of instruction set?

7 Types of Instruction Set

  • Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
  • Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC)
  • Minimal instruction set computers (MISC)
  • Very long instruction word (VLIW)
  • Explicitly parallel instruction computing (EPIC)
  • One instruction set computer (OISC)
  • Zero instruction set computer (ZISC)

What is the instruction set?

An instruction set is a group of commands for a CPU in machine language. All CPUs have instruction sets that enable commands to the processor directing the CPU to switch the relevant transistors. Some instructions are simple read, write and move commands that direct data to different hardware.

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What are the 3 types of instruction format?

Computer Organization | Instruction Formats (Zero, One, Two and Three Address Instruction)

  • Operation field specifies the operation to be performed like addition.
  • Address field which contains the location of the operand, i.e., register or memory location.
  • Mode field which specifies how operand is to be founded.

What are the four basic types of operations that need to be supported by an instruction set?

Instruction types

  • Data handling and memory operations.
  • Arithmetic and logic operations.
  • Control flow operations.
  • Coprocessor instructions.
  • Number of operands.

What are the different types of instructional materials?

Types of instructional materials

Print Textbooks, pamphlets, handouts, study guides, manuals
Audio Cassettes, microphone, podcast
Visual Charts, real objects, photographs, transparencies
Audiovisual Slides, tapes, films, filmstrips, television, video, multimedia
Electronic Interactive Computers, graphing calculators, tablets

What are 5 types of instruction operations?

Examples of operations common to many instruction sets include:

  • Data handling and memory operations.
  • Arithmetic and logic operations.
  • Control flow operations.
  • Coprocessor instructions.
  • Number of operands.
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What are the two types of instruction?

Types of Instruction

  • Direct instruction. The Direct instruction strategy is highly teacher-directed and is among the most commonly used.
  • Indirect instruction.
  • Independent study.
  • Interactive instruction.
  • Experiential Learning.

What are two address instructions?

Two-Address Instructions : Two-address instruction is a format of machine instruction. It has one opcode and two address fields. One address field is common and can be used for either destination or source and other address field for source.

What are characteristics of good instruction format?

All three components must be present. Each element is necessary as it contains the information about the instruction to be executed. The entire group of instructions is called an instruction set.

What are the characteristics of instructional material?

Instructional materials should be appropriate for the age, emotional and social development, and ability level of the students for whom the materials are selected. c. Instructional materials should be diverse with respect to levels of difficulty, reader appeal, and should present a variety of points of view.