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Is it worth getting a Xbox One X in 2021?

Is it worth getting a Xbox One X in 2021?

All three Xbox One consoles still function well in 2021, and you’re not missing out on much exclusive content at present by sticking with them, but if you’re planning to actually buy one, it all comes down to the price you’re offered at the end of the day.

Why is there a shortage of the new Xbox?

Phil Spencer , director of the Xbox division at Microsoft , confirmed that the shortage of new Xbox consoles will last until 2022. The main reason would be the shortage of chips that plagues the technology industry, but the conflict would also be in several points of the supply chain, explained the manager.

Why is Xbox series X sold out?

Xbox Series X restocks proved just as scarce. A combination of shipping delays and booming demand for home entertainment devices – including Microsoft’s first flagship gaming system for three years – left chip makers scrambling to fulfil orders.

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Will Xbox ever be in stock?

The stock issues are likely to continue into 2022, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed supply issues are not going away anytime soon. Spencer was recently interviewed by The Wrap and admitted he believes the problems will persist beyond 2021 and throughout 2022 as the industry recovers.

Can the Xbox One X turn Xbox sales around?

The Xbox One X, released in November 2017, was designed to run games with 4K resolution, and was billed as a high-end version of 2013’s Xbox One. Still, it could not turn Xbox sales around, and Microsoft’s flagship product still falls behind Nintendo’s Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4 — the other major consoles of the generation.

Should you buy the Xbox series X?

The Series X’s impressive specs in combination with the excellent value of Xbox Game Pass gives early adopters a ready-made library that benefits from faster load times, better graphics, and higher resolution. Backwards compatibility is also excellent on the Xbox Series X.

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Should you upgrade to the Xbox One X if you already?

However, if you already have an older Xbox One X, you don’t necessarily need to rush out and pick up Microsoft’s brand new system because it’s still an advanced and highly capable console in its own right. But what are the differences? And when should you admit you want a newer model and upgrade?

Is the Xbox One X a mid-gen console?

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh of the Xbox One. Think of it as Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro. That means the Xbox One X is still an impressive console when it comes to sheer computing chops.