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Is it correct to say todays?

Is it correct to say todays?

Today’s meeting is correct. We need the apostrophe s to show the possessive form. Todays(without the apostrophe) is not grammatically incorrect but it isn’t common in English. Todays is the plural of today but today is usually singular(it is one day).

What is the difference between todays and today’s?

In most situations, the word “today’s” is correct. The word “todays” is used very rarely and is a slightly archaic plural form of the word “today,” which should only be used in very specific contexts. “Today” is a commonly used word that generally presents in its most basic form.

Is today’s morning correct?

Both are correct, in that “today” and “tomorrow” are both adjectives which describe “morning”. So the answer to your question is that “today morning” is grammatically correct but not the preferred idiom in American and British English.

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Which is the correct way to say today in French?

A – To say “today is”, in French we say “we are” Aujourd’hui, nous sommes lundi. Today is Monday.

Can you say today night?

Just use the the word ‘tonight’ instead as there is no such phrase as today night in English. You are correct to use a comma after the reference of when it will happen, ie.

Should mornings have an apostrophe?

‘morning’ with the possessive ‘s is considered as a noun. Then we allow to use possesive ‘s with it (except the fact that it isn’t an animate noun, it’s just allowable from grammar point of view). When we don’t use a possessive ‘s with ‘morning’ then it’s treated as an adjective and it describes the following noun.

Where do you put the word today in a sentence?

In this example, “today” is in the middle of the sentence. Today, someone called you after you had just left. This is the other usage where “today” comes at the beginning of a sentence as an introductory word.

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Is it correct to say today today or Today Today?

Today = subject (noun). It is grammatically correct to say “today” in that the word “today” can function as a noun or an adverb. On the other hand, you cannot say “todays” because the word “todays” does not exist in the English language.

How do you use today’s in a sentence?

In the case of “today’s,” the apostrophe is used to replace the letter “i” from “is.” In other words, “Today is” becomes “Today’s.” Contractions are most often used for informal writing and conversational speaking.

What is the plural form of today?

The word todays is the plural form for the noun today. Example sentence: All of our todays are now yesterdays. The possessive form is today’s. Example sentences: Today’s plan is for lunch and a movie. Today’s date is the twentieth.

Is it correct to say today’s with an apostrophe?

Apostrophes can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially when used for words that have plurality, like “todays” versus “today’s.” In most situations, the word “today’s” is correct. The apostrophe can indicate possession or omission, but its application will depend on the context in which the word is used.