How do you write 12 and a half?

How do you write 12 and a half?

So the answer is that 12 1/2 as a decimal is 12.5. What is this?

What is half 12?

Half 12 is 12.30 Half 11 is 11.30.

What is the answer of ½ ½?

One half plus one half equals 1. Mathematically, one half is equal to 1/2. We can only add fractions that have the same denominator.

What does 1/2 look like in numbers?

In the same way, 1/2 is never equal to a whole number. It is equal to 0.5, which has a decimal but not a fraction. You could multiply by 0.5 the same way you multiply by 5, except that you might have at least one extra decimal place in the answer.

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How do you change 12.5\% into a fraction?

Answer: 12.5 as a fraction is written as 25/2.

What does half eleven mean?

I would like to know if “half nine” means “8:30” or “9:30”, “half eleven” means “10:30” or “11:30” etc. Thank you very much.

What is half of 2½?

If we were to take the half of that it’d be: 2/2=1. 1/2 /2= 1/4.

How do you divide mixed fractions?

To divide mixed fractions, you could first convert each to an improper fraction. Then, switch to a multiplication problem by multiply by the reciprocal of the divisor. Simplify and convert your answer back to a mixed fraction to get your answer!

How do you write half numerically?

One half has two different decimal expansions, the familiar 0.5 and the recurring 0.49999999…

How do you find the half of a half?

To find the final ‘half of a half’ in the question, divide a half by 2, ie, 1/2 is to be divided by 2: 1/2 divided by 2 = 1/4. So half of a half is 1/4 and the first ‘half’ in the question means that the half of a half we have found now has to be halved, ie, 1/4 is to be divided by 2: 1/4 divided by 2 = 1/8.

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What is the value of half of 2?

Since half of anything means multiplying number with 1/2 (or Dividing Number by 2). means its half will be x/2 or x* (1/2). Answer for half of 2 will be:1 (one). , former Head of Mathematics -Then Headmaster-now Retired.

What is 12 1 2 percent as a fraction?

Well, since Quora is basically a human powered calculator that works the same as google, only slower, here’s how it’s done. 12 1 2 \% is the same as 12.5 \%. Any percentage, n, as a fraction, is n 100. 1/8.

What is 1212 1/2\% as a percentage?

12 1/2\% = 12.5\%, to convert percent to decimal divide by 100, or move the decimal 2 places to the left. or 12.5\% is half of 25\%, and 25\% is one-fourth.