How do you handle haters comments?

How do you handle haters comments?

How to Deal with “Haters”

  1. What is a “Hater?”
  2. How to Deal with Haters.
  3. Ignore it. Walk away.
  4. Block online haters.
  5. Be kind and respectful, even to haters.
  6. Stick with supporters.
  7. Remind yourself that comments from a hater are a reflection of them and aren’t really about you.
  8. Understand criticism can be a sign of pain.

How do you get people to stop hating u?

The following are some tips to help a person change their mindset:

  1. Look at a situation from the other person’s perspective.
  2. Reframe the situation objectively.
  3. Stop trying to determine what others are thinking.
  4. Try to do what you wish others would do to you.
  5. When people mistreat you, it is them, not you.
  6. Get exercise.
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How do you respond to a bad comment?

How to Respond to a Negative Online Reviews

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE THE ISSUE. In most cases, even if you don’t think the customer is right, it’s important to acknowledge the issue.

How do you respond to a hateful comment?

Simply put, just agree with them. For example, if someone says, “you’re just a cruel person”; you can respond with, “yeah, sometimes I can be cruel”. This approach leaves your attacker with nothing else to say. It can be a great approach to help “take the wind out of the sails” of the aggressor.

What makes a person hate you?

People might begin to hate another person or group when they: Feel envy or want what the other person has. They may consider it unfair that someone has what they lack. Have contempt for another person or believe them to be inferior.

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How can I make someone hate me?

Six ways to make people hate you

  1. Be late. This is the worst.
  2. Be successful. Of course, if you are successful, surely many people love you, because this is after all a popularity contest—it all is—and you have to keep winning it to get anywhere.
  3. Be a failure.
  4. Play games.
  5. Complain.
  6. Be boring.

How do you deal with bad comments on social media?

Strategies for handling negative social media comments

  1. Respond to the comment quickly.
  2. Be sincere and transparent.
  3. Give discounts when necessary.
  4. Interact directly with your customers.
  5. Make yourself available and visible.
  6. Keep things in perspective.
  7. Considerations for leaving a response to negative comments.

How do you deal with mean comments?


  1. Simply IGNORE the comment. The end.
  2. DELETE the comment (most websites have an option to do this).
  3. And/or BLOCK the person entirely, ‘unfriend’ them, remove them from your circles and lists. WHEN: If you don’t know the person well – or when you don’t want to waste your time responding to them.
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How do you respond to nasty comments?

A comeback A comeback can be kind or just as rude as the original comment. So, if someone’s rude to you, you can give them a really sarcastic comeback and say, “Wow, that’s a great attitude!” But, if you prefer a kinder and more honest approach, you can just use the comeback, “Are you having a bad day?”

How do you handle unkind comments?

Reframe your upsetting thoughts, take deep breaths to stay calm, and walk away from the situation when it’s warranted. Mentally strong people know their values and they make it a priority to live according to them — even when faced with snarky people.