Does Mostec help you get into MIT?

Does Mostec help you get into MIT?

MIT admissions has been quite clear that attending these programs do not convey any particular benefit in making an MIT admissions decision. That being said, the qualities that got a student accepted for say MOSTEC are all likely to be attractive to MIT admissions as well. So officially there is no benefit at all.

What percentage of MIT applicants get accepted?

MIT is one of the most selective schools in the world. Currently, MIT’s acceptance rate is 4.1\%, which means it only accepts around 4 applicants for every 100 people that apply. A 4.1\% acceptance rate means that MIT is extremely competitive to get into.

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When are Mostec decisions released?

Decisions will be released in mid-April 2022. Applicants will receive an email when decisions have been posted.

What is the Mostec program?

The MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC) is an online education and enrichment program, free of charge, that extends from the summer into the winter as students submit their college applications.

When do MIT Mostec results come out?

How many people get waitlisted at MIT?

How many people are on the wait list? We usually offer more than 600 applicants a spot on the wait list. Not all of those students will choose to remain on the wait list.

How many students does MIT admit each year?

MIT: Acceptance Rates & Statistics The Massachusetts Institute of Technology received 14,781 early action applications (down from the 15,036 received last year) and accepted 697 students for an acceptance rate of 4.72 percent. Last year, MIT accepted 719 students for an acceptance rate of 4.78 percent.

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How many students are admitted to MIT each year?


First-year applications 33,240
First-year admits 1,365
Percentage admitted 4.1\%

Are mites selective?

MITES, or Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science, is a highly selective six-week summer program for rising high school seniors held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its purpose is to expose students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds to the fields of science and engineering.

How prepared do I need to be to get into MIT?

You can be more or less prepared for MIT based on the work that you have done and the experiences you have had. A student who has not taken calculus is comparatively much less prepared than a student who has. But there is one thing that all students admitted to MIT have in common.

Does MIT benefit if a student fails out?

No one benefits. Not MIT, when the student fails out. Not the student, when they could have succeeded somewhere else. Everybody loses. And I hate to lose. By the same token, we do not admit students who are unqualified for admission to MIT.

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Is MIT prepared for students who don’t take Calculus?

A student who has not taken calculus is comparatively much less prepared than a student who has. But there is one thing that all students admitted to MIT have in common. And that is that we are confident they are prepared to succeed at MIT.

Does MIT value “diversity” or “merit”?

When somebody asks me this question, or proclaims this conclusion, they are assuming this: that MIT, for some students, values something called “diversity” more than something called “merit”, and that we admit “underqualified” students who bring “diversity” instead of admitting more “meritorious” students who lack it. This is simply wrong.